John’s Work Connect Experience

mencap logoJohn Lynch registered with Mencap on the Work Connect programme in January 2013. Over the 26 week pre-employment programme, John has been supported in identifying appropriate jobs that suit his skills and abilities. Mencap have provided training on job searching techniques, taking information from advertisements, preparing an up to date CV and ways to request applications. Assistance was also given about ‘Do’s and Don’ts’, tips and hints for completing job applications, developing confidence and motivation, researching pre-interview and interview preparation.


John answered some questions about the programme:

What have been your experiences so far on the Work Connect Programme?

“Before I came onto the Work Connect programme I was nervous and lacked confidence. I didn’t really know anything about how to get a job”.


What did you think of the Work Connect programme?

“I feel comfortable because the programme is organised and well set up.  Mencap are very helpful and support me. They helped me find out about other training courses through the Derry 2020 project and helped me get involved with the Volunteer Bureau and the City of Culture events”.


What have the benefits for you been on the Work Connect programme?

“It’s helped me build my confidence, helped me learn about how to get a job and developed my knowledge and interview skills. I can job search on my own and research the companies I have applied to. I can complete applications on my own and/or with support. I now have an up to date CV and I have plenty of interview experience”.


How have you improved since you entered the Work Connect programme?

“ I think my interview skills and job searching techniques have improved. I know what I need to do to prepare for getting a job. It’s changed my life”


What has been the best part of the programme?

“Getting the help I need and meeting new people along the way”.


Do you have any suggestions that could improve  the Work Connect programme?

“No I think it is good the way it is”.


How do you feel about your progression options?

“I feel more confident and I am looking forward to developing myself even more”.