A Gleaming Success

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super gleam 2Before joining Work Connect I had been unemployed for a period of 6 years, and I had got into a bit of a rut and out of touch with the whole employment process. My Employment Officer focused on both my previous experience and my personal interests and we set out to find something that I would not only be good at, but would also enjoy. After we met for a few times and started to make applications and up-dated my cv, my confidence started to grow and I was actually looking forward to returning to work. After a while my Employment Office suggested the opportunity to undertake a short Work Trial with Super Gleam carwash in Cookstown, to give me a chance to see if it was something that I might like. Initially I thought it was just washing cars, but found out there was a lot more to the job that I had to learn. My employer has been very helpful in taking the time to provide all the training and support I need and I enjoy learning new skills and socialising with new people.

John Yendall, Joined work Connect 13/01/2014

Work Connect has been a great opportunity for me as an employer to get a chance to work with someone through a Work Trial, which not only gave me a chance to see if John was suited to the job, but it also gave John a chance to see if it is was for him or not. Most people don’t realise how much is involved in providing a full valeting service and the short trial was very beneficial in letting both myself and John decide if it was the right choice. John has shown a very keen interest from day one and has made great progress in all aspects of the job, always willing to learn and has proved to be a very reliable member of staff.

Employer James Savage (Super Gleam)