A Grateful Employee!

My story with Workable and Eimear (AMH) started with a return to work after prolonged period of sick leave.  I was very anxious returning and was questioning whether it was the best thing for me to do.  Eimear managed to turn this around.  She has been an amazing source of support over the last couple of years.  She provided a listening ear and good advice when problems came along.  She arranged a referral to Susan at the Condition Management Programme who gave me practical advice to cope with my condition.  Once that came to end, Eimear’s gentle encouragement helped me to keep going with their advice and make real changes to my life.  She helped me to attend courses at the Recovery College, another source of great advice. Eimear gave me the motivation and confidence to confront the issues that were holding me back and begin to sort them out for myself.  I feel very lucky to have had Eimear’s help and I don’t think I could have remained in my job without her.

Emily (NICS)