AdaptNI join Supported Employment Solutions

Adapt NI provide specialist employment & training services for Deaf, hearing loss and tinnitus communities across Northern Ireland. They have joined the SES partnership following the withdrawal of RNID’s Employment Service in Northern Ireland.

​The AdaptNI team are Deaf, Hearing Loss and Tinnitus Aware, with a combined 32 years of experience supporting our Northern Ireland communities.  AdaptNI are dedicated to ensuring real change not only happens, but is maintained throughout a career journey.

The sky is the limit, we are prepared to Adapt Northern Ireland to ensure the barriers are removed?


For the Deaf, Hearing Loss and Tinnitus Communities in Northern Ireland to have full and equal access to all employment and training opportunities throughout their career journey


We aim to bridge the gap, by providing Specialist Employment and Training support to people who are Deaf, have hearing loss and/or Tinnitus within Northern Ireland


  1. We are inclusive to everyone​.
  2. We are positive about the change we can make to peoples lives​.
  3. We are accessible to everyone.
  4. We are friendly and approachable to all​.
  5. We challenge ourselves and others.

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