Ashleigh praises her AMH Employment Support Officer

AMH Workable N.I. client Ashleigh explains how her Employment Support Officer helped to put her at ease and supported her to deal with her anxiety in the workplace:

I just wanted to email to thank one of your workers for their support during my time on the programme. I was referred to Workable (N.I.) due to having a lot of sickness due to toxic working environment which was affecting my mental health. As a result of this I was in desperate need of some help as my work wasn’t understanding of my anxiety and I felt they were using it as a weapon and if I’m totally honest I was embarrassed and ashamed of it. Due to the way I was being treated at work I was so scared about joining the programme but when I met my Action Mental Health Employment Support Officer, she put me such at ease. She was always empathetic to my work and mental health situation. It was so refreshing to have a support worker that was so supportive, understanding and such a genuine person. The Workable (N.I.) Employment Support Officer was such a good support worker as I feel that she loves her job and she genuinely wanted the best outcome for me. 

I had to email to say thank you to the programme and especially my Employment Support Officer for getting me through last few months because I probably wouldn’t have got through it without her support.  I’m very grateful for this programme and meeting her, as for once I’m not embarrassed or ashamed to have anxiety.