Contemporary Cakes


I would recommend Work Connect as an employer because it gives the participant the opportunity to learn something new that they may have not tried before and it gives the employer the chance to trial the participant and see their capability’s before hiring. This Programme has given Contemporary Cakes, a small business bakery business in Ballymoney, the chance to work with Elaine and see her develop from a quiet, self-conscious person into the person she is today with her confidence growing with every job she does in the bakery. Through this it has let me see how capable Elaine is and what areas were weak with Elaine and what areas she is strongest in.

Elaine has shown consistent progress throughout her trial
and is very keen to learn new skills in the bakery, she is
always willing and helpful in whatever she has been asked
to do and is punctual and reliable. Thankfully we have now
been able to offer Elaine some paid hours, to allow her to
continue to develop her skills, I would definitely recommend
the Work Connect Scheme to other businesses.

Ben Wilson (Contemporary Cakes By Ben Wilson)