David’s Employment Success

Forecourt Attendant David

Forecourt Attendant David

David was referred on to the Work Connect Programme by his Pathways Adviser in October 2012.  He had been unemployed for two years after suffering from Flu, followed by severe pain, fatigue and respiratory problems.  Previous to this David had worked full time in various positions and led a full and active lifestyle.  He was bored at home and missed having routine and structure to his day.  He was very enthusiastic and keen to return to work but felt that he needed support to do so.  The fact that David struggled to complete job application forms and was not offered any interviews made the process of finding work even ‘more difficult and frustrating’.


Over the next six months David received intense pre-employment support.  He met with his employment officer on at least a weekly basis and received support  with job searching, completing job applications, building, writing and tailoring a CV, interview preparation and assistance to enrol on an essential skills course at his local college.   He found that the process helped enhance his employability skills and improve his confidence and self-esteem.


David’s enthusiasm and hard work paid off and after almost six months on Work Connect he was offered a permanent job as a Forecourt Attendant with Henderson’s Eurospar, Crumlin.  David is now over 5 months into his job.  He loves his work and his morale and self-esteem have improved considerably.  His manager and colleagues are very supportive and his employment officer arranged for some reasonable adjustments to be put in place to enable him to best carry out his job duties.   He meets his employment officer on a regular basis and is reassured by the fact that support is available if any problems should arise at work.


David feels that he never would have found a job without the support of his employment officer.  He is happy in his work, and enjoys the structure that it brings to each day.  He is much more optimistic about the future and has had a very positive experience on the work connect programme.