Employee Health and Wellbeing a priority!

Fermanagh and Omagh District Council regularly use the Workable (NI) programme. It is an innovative approach and has developed as an integral part of our employee health and wellbeing support.

As an employer we access the Workable (NI) programme through Action Mental Health on a very regular basis.  They support and assist not only the employee, but also the line manager.  In our experience, it is a trusted and professional third-party involvement in what can be sometimes very sensitive employee situations. Health and wellbeing of our staff is a priority for the Council and our linkages with Workable (NI) has been crucial to this.

The skills and experience of the Workable (NI) Employment officer, has provided invaluable help and support to the Council. They help with the implementation of agreed reasonable adjustments, support the employee at meetings and is on hand to give advice to the line manager.  They also make practical suggestions and come up with various solutions which helps everyone in achieving outcomes.

I can say on behalf of the Council, we very much value the support we have received from Workable (NI), and particularly from Action Mental Health, who are always just a phone call away.

For more information on Workable (NI) and how it may be of help to you as an individual, your business or your employer, please get in touch.

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