HSC Placement Scheme begins

The SES Partnership has recruited participants to their Disability Placement scheme with Health and Social Care in Northern Ireland.

The scheme has been running since 2014, and after a break due to the pandemic, the scheme has been massively over-subscribed showing the desire to work in this sector. Seven people have now started their placements in a range of organisations and departments, from administration and warehousing to goods inwards and information management.

This scheme has had great results and looks after the people who join – six months placement, a reference upon successful completion, ability to apply for internal vacancies after 4 months and all public transport costs refunded. Internal training and ongoing learning are built into the scheme and all participants are treated the same as any staff member.

For more examples of how this has been successful, please have a look at the HSC Disability Staff Network page for the staff experiences. https://tapestry.hscni.net/category/staff-experiences/