HSCB / BSO Placement Programme commences

This week sees thbannerse second year of the SES placement programme with the Health and Social Care Board and Business Services Organisation commencing, with 20 people starting in web design, warehousing, administration,  stock control or fraud prevention.

The placement programme is aimed at assisting people with disabilities and health conditions to get recent relevant work experience and assistance with applying for jobs. One previous client who completed the 2014 programme explained the virtues of the programme at the induction day:

I am sorry I cannot attend in person today, but I’m working! However it was important to me to participate in today’s session, as my placement, in no small part, contributed to my success in finding permanent employment.

The concept of the placement was excellent. It gave me the opportunity to get back into the routine of full time employment at a pace comfortable for me and the Integrated Care team. It gave me some much needed confidence, to work as part of a team that had waned due to such a long spell of unemployment and job searching. It also presented me an opportunity for a little education and mind opening about disabilities.

The team of people I was placed with, I cannot praise highly enough. From the day I arrived at Integrated Care I was treated with the utmost respect in terms of what my limitations may be, due to my disability, and before long I was part of the family. I was given as much work and responsibility as I asked for and was always reminded if I ever felt under pressure, I only needed to say. I was also permitted to attend a two-day training course in Belfast to improve my general administration, time keeping and team building skills.

The Integrated Care team were not only brilliant while I worked with them, but continued to support me after my placement, helping me with interview preparations and providing references for the post I was recently successful in securing.

I sincerely hope this scheme continues to be successful. I worked hard while on placement, but the Integrated Care team were well prepared for me, and easily kept me busy. The positive impact this placement had on my mental health cannot be over stated, not only because I had a productive day to get up for each morning, but also in the i
mportant social aspect that comes with office and team work.

I think it would be brilliant if the scheme could be recognised as a prestigious placement that will be as positive a boost to a candidates C.V. and as highly regarded, certainly within the Health Service, as any previous paid employment. It should be reserved for those who will work hard, as these are the people who will get the most from it.

I would like to give my personal thanks to everyone at BSO and Cedar Foundation, who were behind the concept and introduction of the HSCB Disability placement scheme. Ashlinggif_bso