Mindfulness Art for stress relief

Action on Hearing Loss have developed new stress relief classes for clients!

As Picasso once said ‘Every child is an artist, the problem is how to remain an artist when we grow up! Eight Workable (NI) participants braved the elements on a dark Friday evening in November to attend an ‘Art for Mindfulness and Stress Busting Workshop’ with the Peoples Painter Moyra Blayney in our Belfast Office.

The evening began with some tea, chat and pizza (a big thanks to Dominos!) and everyone sat down to a fantastic set-up with a rainbow of paints and pencils.

Moyra Blayney started with a glimpse into her childhood experience of art ‘which included her penchant for elaborate French portraits at a time when other children were still mastering stick figures’.

The first task was to complete basic drawings, step by step. Within 10 minutes everyone had relaxed into the session, smiles were aplenty!

For the next 10 minutes Moyra demonstrated to the group how to turn a simple circle in a colourful, floral, work of art! From holding the paintbrush, to thickness of strokes, Moyra had every area of teaching covered and then it was time to let the students paint freely.

The final outcome wasn’t just a beautiful array of art and colours, it was the feedback from everyone who completed the session, how positive it made them feel and importantly, how their stress has been reduce. The session ended with the opportunity to ask questions to the amazing artist Moyra Blayney; ‘Where do we buy these art supplies and when are you coming back? Until next time!