New Year, New Start for Go-jo Creations

Gordon Johnston

New Year’s Eve 2015, the first Old Year’s Night in a long time that I haven’t hidden away in another room or went to bed early, dreading the thought of another year in my life. This year I’m sitting with my wife, drinking a glass of wine and feeling optimistic about the future, something I’ve not known for a long time. The reason for this is I’ve just had a couple of good months in my quest to be self-employed, working from home.

Thanks to Robert and the Work Connect Programme I’ve managed to pluck up the courage to do something I’ve always wanted to do. I love working with wood and I love painting, and being a grandfather for a few years now, making toys and gifts for my grandchildren had given me the idea to go a step further to make and sell some of my craft products.

Currently I’m concentrating on Personalised Wooden Plaques. Future plans include garden planters, garden furniture and birdhouses etc.

Robert gave me the knowledge and support I needed to make a go of it. Hopefully things will go well in the future but even if it doesn’t (my pessimism showing itself), at least I’ve broken the New Year cycle of doubt and dread, which in itself is a major step in my life.

I greatly appreciated the help I received, steering me towards the appropriate agencies where I attended one to one advice sessions and seminars which have boosted my confidence considerably.

Gordon Johnston