Niall makes concrete plans for the future


Work Connect helped me achieve something I never thought possible, initially creating an opportunity to complete some Permitted work hours to help improve my confidence and allow me to try to manage my condition in the workplace, through a phased return to work. In a very short space of time my situation has been transformed, by both improving my mental health and my social and financial situation, to a point where I am now in full time work and feel valued in the contribution I am making and the satisfaction of being able to stand on my own two feet again. Being back in work has changed my whole outlook, giving me some structure in my life, mixing with other people and feeling much more confident about my own ability and future employment prospects.

The ongoing support from my Employment Officer was vital in helping me achieve my goals, where on several occasions, I would have struggled to overcome some situations, but for the support available, making it possible for me to overcome these difficulties. I can’t thank my Employment Officer enough for going way beyond the call of duty, and helping me to a point where my future seems much more positive than ever before.