Northern Health & Social Care Trust – Experience with Workable N.I. Support

I became aware of Workable NI through the absence of a member of staff who has a diagnosis of autism.  Stress in the workplace led to the staff member experiencing crisis point, and this followed by a period of absence from the workplace. 

The Trust has an Occupational Health Department, and access to a range of support services, that can assist staff who have additional needs within the workplace.  The additional input by Workable NI is complements Trust support.  The service provided by Workable NI offers individual staff with direct support staff in these types of circumstances, working through their specific job related issues and provide a signposting service to other helpful resources.  Workable NI also works in partnership with managers.

Workable NI provided an invaluable support to the staff member as well as the staff member’s line manager and myself as the decision maker.  There is no doubt that the return to the workplace by the staff member would have been significantly delayed without the input by the Workable NI Adviser and the assessment report that was provided by Access Centre NI.  The consistent input by the Workable NI adviser to both the staff member directly, to the line manager and as part of joint meetings meant that issues could be easily discussed and solutions identified in an open and supportive way. 

The input provided by Workable NI has meant that the staff member has returned to the workplace, is fully engaged in the duties of their job, and has been enabled to communicate any issues that they may have.  From the perspective of an employer, the input has led to the early return to work by a member of staff who experienced crisis, and is now feeling positive and supported, has confidence in their abilities, and therefore more productive in relation to their contribution to our services.

Doreen A Bacon

Doreen A Bacon

Business & Governance Manager

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