Patrick secures work with Clanmil Housing


Patrick had been out of work for over 3 years when he was referred to Work Connect and wasn’t sure what work he was capable of sustaining.
Throughout his time on Work Connect he received support with his CV, job search and completing application forms. Patrick spent time preparing for interviews to build his confidence and help him recall his work history which he found hard to remember. His employment officer also arranged an appointment with the Citizen’s Advice Bureau to determine how Patrick would be affected if he was working.
After applying for a few jobs and getting a negative response, Patrick applied for a cooking post in Clanmil Housing. This post required a basic food hygiene certificate which Patrick’s employment officer arranged for him to complete before the interview. After achieving the certificate and completing his interview, Patrick was offered the job and started with the company in September.

He has had a few problems with managing his condition at work but with the support of his Employment officer and his employer, Patrick has changed his medication and his employer has made reasonable adjustments to enable him to sustain his employment. Patrick is now more confident and happy and is enjoying the social aspect of being back in work.