SES Annual Workable (NI) Survey


The SES partnership has just completed a survey of our Workable (NI) programme with participants and employers that we are currently working with.

The response rates were fantastic with 60% of participants and 53% of employers returning the information in hard copy or online formats.

SES were particularly pleased with the amount of comments added to the forms, which mainly described the level of service, the time that the Employment Officers spend with them and the benefit of the programme.

SES appreciated the comments made in relation to improving the service, and the main point from Employers was to let more employers know about the help and assistance that they could get from Workable (NI).

If you have any questions on how the Workable (NI) programme can help you in work, or how it can help your employees, please feel free to use the email form or the phone details on the ‘contact us’ page.