SES staff make a difference!

‘My Employment Officer is a remarkable person who has directly improved my experience of work and subsequent work/life balance.  They have been a source of strength and have promoted good mental health throughout my referral to Workable NI.


Often above and beyond what I had initially expected (based on similar support I have been offered in the Managing Attendance process), they are driven to achieve the best outcome for their clients and their employers through genuine communication skills, empathy and understanding.


My Employment Officer has challenged me to implement structured steps to re-evaluate distressing or overwhelming situations and feelings with excellent, quantifiable results. I have moved off medication for panic attacks through this process. I have maintained good attendance in my job and seek help in the first instance of anxiety rather than repeating old patterns. I would genuinely consider this an outstanding achievement given where I was prior to the referral process and support from the Employment Officer.


I have undergone several years of difficult situations with my own health and with my family too. I could explain examples but the overall positives are that I have developed significantly in emotional response and in maintaining personal resilience due to the continued support from Workable NI.


I would recommend Workable (NI) to any colleague undergoing mental health difficulties and who are finding keeping their job a struggle.  As I have said before, though numerous counselling and welfare referrals have helped to an extent, I always wondered why there wasn’t that kind of advocate that Workable (NI) and my Employment Officer has been for me, to help with the translation of my often  jumbled and stressed thoughts into superb communication with my management, and equally helpful in explaining management to me.


I have achieved many things I thought impossible 12 months ago, including improved work relationships, improved concentration, resilience with attendance, significantly reduced stress responses, embracing positivity, making appropriate contributions at work, clawing back flexi deficit… communication mostly  – based on when I could seem to do nothing but have panic attacks and leave the workplace.


I believe these and other achievements have been inspired and driven by the work of my Employment Officer to believe in me when I found it impossible to do so myself.’


Civil Servant Employee