Small steps, big journey

Linda’s Journey

I was having difficulties in work and was struggling for some time. I knew I needed help if I was to stay in work.

I contacted Access to Work who put me in touch with Workable NI (Action Mental Health) and Robert was appointed as my Employment Support Officer. He was so easy to talk to and if felt good to speak to someone who understood how I felt and to know help and support was available. At last, I could see it would be possible to move forward.

I wasn’t good at asking for help and Robert spoke to management on my behalf. It became apparent that I needed a move to a new working environment. With Robert’s help, some adjustments were put in place while I waited for the move. This was a big relief for me. I felt a weight starting to lift off my shoulders.

Robert continued to support me and when the move did come Robert was there for me again. He reassured me about the move as I was feeling nervous. He came to the new office with me and spoke to the new management. It was soon apparent that I needed some computer skills training for my new role. Again Robert came to the rescue and I was enrolled in a course. I am really enjoying it and everyone has been lovely and very supportive. It is a great environment to study in and I can work at my own pace. This course has been invaluable in my new job role.

If it wasn’t for Workable N.I., there is a great possibility I wouldn’t be in work now, but because of the help and support I have received my confidence has grown, my work skills have much improved and I’m gaining a qualification in computer skills.

I just want to say a massive thank you to Robert, Workable NI (Action Mental Health) and the lovely people there. Long may you continue helping and supporting people who need it. I would highly recommend your services to anyone.