Williams Industrial Services



“The Workable program has given WIS Ltd the professional support to encourage our staff with disabilities to make the best of their knowledge and expertise and to play an active role in the continuing success of the company”.


John Toner & Tom Picking  of WIS at Newtownabbey Business Awards winning another award for WIS

Williams Industrial Services Ltd has been trading for over 30 years and is the largest provider of Industrial automation, control and environmental solutions in Northern Ireland.  The company currently employs in excess of 130 people, 90% of which come from an engineering background. WIS operates within the private sector, supplying turnkey engineering solutions to water utilities such as NI Water and blue chip industrial clients such as Bombardier Aerospace and Michelin to name a few.

The company operates under the ethos that “everyone is not the same”, and we believe that encapsulates both our customers and our personnel.  As such we believe that we can learn from the diverse nature of the personnel we have working at WIS, and that includes those staff members with or without disabilities.  We try to provide the optimum working environment for all our team, and that is why we have engaged the workable program to assist us in this process.  All our personnel have a contribution to make and it is our role to encourage those people to operate to the best of their abilities or disabilities, as the case may be.

WIS has had 5 employees on the Workable program over the last 3 years, with 2 still remaining within the process.

We understand that an engaged and content workforce is tantamount to the success of this company and all staff members need to be given access to whatever support is available to allow them to recognise their particular talent and worth to the company.  Once the program was identified as a means to provide this extra support we saw an opportunity to assist staff in getting the best from themselves. Everyone has a contribution to make to the success of WIS and we are glad that all our personnel can make a difference, given the right encouragement and support.