Work Connect helps Emma secure employment

Emma Robinson and Jim Murray troll incWork Connect completely changed how I was approaching returning to work. I was supported and guided through every step which took out a lot of the anxiousness around it.
Work Connect were able to speak to employers on my behalf, or with me, and made it so much easier about openly discussing returning to work with depression. I felt much more empowered knowing I was accepted with depression which made it so much easier to face a workplace and a new job and routine.
I have also received brilliant support while in the new job. Sabrina and Nicola have stayed in touch and we meet up often which is a great relief, a great wee back up should I feel things aren’t going well. They can help me discuss issues with my employer if needed, and they’re even there for a wee bit of moral support on the bad days.
The biggest difference to me is accepting the bad days as part of what happens with depression, and accepting it’s okay to experience this. Whereas before I would have taken a bad day as a sign I wasn’t fit to work; now I know I have support through bad days to ensure I’m still fit for work. I never could have opened up about this to an employer if it wasn’t for Work Connect, and I’m certain being open about it is the only reason I’ve been able to progress in my new job. I feel more secure and comfortable being me and I’m much more confident about my abilities as an employee.
Thanks Sabrina and Nicola, I really enjoy my job!
Emma Robinson
Troll Inc