Workable gave me invaluable support

This is a testimony from a service user who really appreciates the support SES can provide:

‘Workable has given me invaluable support.  I would never have been able to cope with the level and complexity of the caseload that is demanded of me now. The Employment Support Officer (ESO)  listened as I unburdened my stresses. Having that ‘one to one’ support from someone who didn’t judge my failings but encouraged me, sympathised with me and gave me suggestions that would help when my brain felt totally frazzled and I couldn’t think straight, was vital. One of the best suggestions I have to add was the aromatherapy sessions.  What an absolute treat they were, not only for helping me relax when I was so stressed, but also for soothing my back pain after going through spinal surgery a few months earlier.

I used to go out of those sessions feeling that I was floating on air, but feeling guilty that they relaxed me so much that the poor therapist had to put up with my snoring!

I have no doubt looking back on it all, that I only managed to remain in my employment because of the invaluable support from Workable (NI), who were there for me at a time when I felt vulnerable and I needed it most.

So thank you to my AMH ESO, to me you were more than an Employment Support Officer, you were a valuable friend and will continue to be so.

Trust Worker – Assistant Care Manager